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  • Q: Why a tiny home?
    A: Tiny homes have many benefits! They offer a cheaper housing alternative, use fewer resources, and encourage occupants to reduce consumption. Traditional homeowners can also benefit from having a tiny house Airbnb or investment property in their backyard!
  • Q: What is a tiny house?
    A: A tiny house is a new structure, so a formal definition is still being created. The unofficial definition, however, is a small house that is four hundred square feet or less and built using traditional housing materials. Many tiny houses (like the ones we build!) are built on trailers which makes them "tiny houses on wheels" or "THOWs."
  • Q: Can you get financing for a tiny house?
    A: Absolutely! Personal loans, RV loans, and lines of credit are all tiny home financing options. If you are a traditional homeowner, you might also consider a HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit. Aside from cash, personal loans are the most popular way to buy a tiny house. LightStream, SoFi, and Liberty Bank of Utah are all financing institutions that offer personal loans you can use to buy a tiny house! Don't qualify for tiny home financing? Ask around for a co-signer!
  • Q: How much does a tiny house cost?
    A: Tiny homes are less expensive than traditional houses, but there is still an associated cost. Our homes start at $80,000 and go up from there, depending on the tiny house floor plan and design upgrades you choose.
  • Q: Are your tiny homes certified?
    YES !!
  • Q: Where can I legally park my tiny house?
    A: You can legally park a tiny house in RV parks, tiny home communities, and even in your backyard in many counties in California and around the country. Each municipality will have its own laws, so it's important to check what they are before you buy a tiny house. Be sure to download our FREE Guide to Tiny House Parking in California!
  • Q: Can I make a tiny home an ADU?
    A: Yes! A tiny house makes a great ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Here is the tiny house permit checklist for San Jose if you plan to use your tiny house on wheels as an ADU.
  • Q: Where do I get tiny house insurance?
    A: Tiny home insurance can be obtained from many places, but Strategic Insurance Agency and MAC Insurance Inc. are good places to start shopping!
  • Q: How do I connect a tiny house to utilities?
    A: Connecting utilities to a tiny house is easy! Water will come to your tiny house via a simple garden hose connection- just be sure to use a potable water hose instead of an actual garden hose. Electricity comes to your house via a 50 amp plug. You will just plug your house into an RV outlet like you would a lamp! If you have sewer available, you can use flexible RV sewer hoses that twist and click into place. Tiny homes can be wired for internet, and we can install a composting toilet in your house if necessary.

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