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Experience compact luxury with the "Nook Model 1" tiny home. Boasting 418 square feet of efficient design, this model features a functional bedroom, spa-like restroom, cozy living area, and practical kitchen. Enhanced with optional solar panels and rainwater collection system, it's the perfect blend of comfort and sustainable living.

Exterior Dimensions: 418 SF 

  • Height: _______ 

  • Width: 10'

  • Length: 36'-3''


  1. Living Room:

  • Dimensions: 6'-9''

  • Description: (Include details such as the type of furniture, design elements, lighting systems, windows, etc.)

  1. Kitchen:

  • Dimensions: 8'' 4''

  • Description: (Include details such as appliances, countertop design, storage, etc.)

  1. Bedroom:

  • Dimensions: 10'-2''

  • Description: (Include details such as bed type, storage, windows, etc.)

  1. Bathroom:

  • Dimensions:9' - 7''

  • Description:  Panelized Glazed Roll up door : Optional 

Additional Features:

  • Solar panels, rainwater collection system, extra storage, 


Ready to redefine your living experience? Step into the future with the "Nook Model 1" tiny home. Its blend of compact luxury and eco-conscious features is all you need for a comfortable, sustainable lifestyle. Don't wait, embrace the tiny living revolution today. Contact us to make the "Nook Model 1" your new home!

THE NOOK MODEL # 1 .jpeg
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